South Sikkim Summer Signature Black 15/20

country of origin India

Loose tea
10,19 € / 50g

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Black tea from the summer harvest from the mountain area of ​​southwestern Sikkim in the village of Bermiok near the town of Pelling. The tea comes from a very small production of Mr. Bermiok Rinpoche, who is a member of the local old Buddhist family Bermiok Densapa. Nicely rolled, completely oxidized leaves in colours of many shades of brown with an intense sweetly spicy slightly fruity aroma. Dark, brown-red infusion full of rounded fruity sweet woody to spicy flavours with tones of caramel, cane sugar, pecans and a clear hint of muskatel in the aftertaste.

Preparation: 3 teaspoons of tea per 0,5 l of boiled water, steep for 3 minutes.


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Form: Whole leaf
Area: India - Sikkim
Harvest: 2nd Flush
Year: 2020
Lot: 15/ 19
Country of origin: India

Black Tea