About Us

Klasek Tea (formerly Darjeeling.cz) has been importing teas and tea accessories since 2003. Tea is not just a business to us, but an important phenomenon and hobby. Tea aroma reminds us of journeys to distant countries and memories of the first tea deal we made in Northern India. At the beginning, we specialized in the Himalayan teas from the Darjeeling region only. This gave the name to our shop. Then we gradually extended our tea assortment by teas from Assam, Ceylon, Nepal, Japan and South Korea. We are personally in contact will all tea suppliers and producers. We select teas very thoroughly, by ourselves, and we always pay attention to its quality and freshness. We only sell what we ourselves drink and trust. We believe that everyone can find their way to quality teas. Only such a tea is expensive whose quality and taste do not match its price. We will be honoured if you drink teas with us.

Our e-shop offers:

  • bulk and packed black teas
  • bulk and packed green teas, also in tea bags
  • bulk and packed oolongs
  • bulk and packed puerh teas
  • tea mixtures and gift packages
  • green tea sweets
  • quality tea accessories
  • tea books

You can find us in Holešovice, Prague, in 39 Přístavní Street. We are open on working days from 1 to 6 pm.

Have a look at how we changed our name from Darjeeling.cz to Klasek Tea: