Czech and foreign original tea pottery, mostly wood-fired, wooden tea untensils or tea textile. The world we are still discovering and we try to support, like by publishing articles about authentic craft. That it has not dissappeared from this world yet.


Vlastimil Hanuš - tea trays CZ

I have worked with wood for some time. But it’s been only a couple of years that woodwork became my profession. I have been at several universities, but it still didn’t feel it was the right thing for me. I decided to take up carpentry and wood carving in Příbram – and it seems this finally is what I’d been looking for. My workshop is in “Czech Canada” near Nová Bystřice. For me, wood is not just a material. It is a co-author and should not be anonymous. I work mainly with our local wood. Most of it I discover, cut and dry myself, so I am in contact with it from the very beginning – from a moment it wasn’t material, but a body of a tree. Read article...