Czech and foreign original tea pottery, mostly wood-fired, wooden tea untensils or tea textile. The world we are still discovering and we try to support, like by publishing articles about authentic craft. That it has not dissappeared from this world yet.


Aleš Belin Dančák - tea pottery CZ

Aleš ‘Belin’ Dančák studied music college in Ostrava and went on to work with glass, natural tiling, and plaster models in workshops for several years. He considers himself a self-taught potter. “I have made pottery for fifteen years (2018). I work with earthenware and porcelain, I use wood firing and what I like is to experiment with natural glazing. Working with clay brings me joy and I hope that the things I do have the same effect on the users.” At first, Belin fired his pottery in an electric kiln, but he was not satisfied with the results. He then tried wood firing which offers broader possibilities and he has stuck with it. He says: “You can try different materials; the firing temperature is quite high, 1300 degrees Celsius. Fire gives it color and edge.” Read article.