Czech and foreign original tea pottery, mostly wood-fired, wooden tea untensils or tea textile. The world we are still discovering and we try to support, like by publishing articles about authentic craft. That it has not dissappeared from this world yet.


Jura Lang - tea pottery CZ

I have worked with clay since 2005. In the beginning, I made figurative statues. In 2010, I began throwing on a wheel in the ceramics center in Koněšín. Here, I met the brothers Nikola ana Dan Seko and Jan Jánský. Thanks to them I discovered the beauty of wood-fired pottery and as time passed, I was drawn into this world. In 2012 AD, I built my own wood-fired kiln in Střížovice, where I dwell and began to learn by practicing, and I have been practicing since. Interview with Jura.