Czech and foreign original tea pottery, mostly wood-fired, wooden tea untensils or tea textile. The world we are still discovering and we try to support, like by publishing articles about authentic craft. That it has not dissappeared from this world yet.


Petr Novák - tea pottery CZ

Petr Novák is our dear friend since many years. He founded the Ceramics studio Doupě with Mirka Randová, where they worked on their ceramics and organized workshops as well. Petr has participated in many symposiums and ceramics exhibitions. He uses wood-firing technique and makes his glazes by himself from materials available in the Czech Republic. "Woodfiring is not only continuing of our ancestors’ traditions, but also trying to produce pottery that carries more than exceptional technology; pottery that speaks the language of my mind, ceramics that reflect my way of life." Petr creates rather smaller tea ware that gained a wordlwide appreciation during the years.