Gold Medal Ming Jian Mi Xian Hong Cha / Honey Fragrant Black Tea

country of origin Taiwan

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Competition black tea from Taiwan
awarded a gold medal in the Ming Jian Mi Xian Black Tea competition, in which more than two hundred samples were entered. This is a smaller but evolving Taiwanese competition. The tea comes from the Chin Xin Oolong cultivar and the leaves were picked quite early. However, the competition rules do not allow the name of the farmer and the place of production to be indicated.
Dark brown, completely oxidized, nicely rolled, smaller dry leaves with a high content of lighter golden hairy tips, intense sweet fruity and honey aromas, and heavier tones of exotic flowers. Rather lighter brown-orange infusion of full, intoxicatingly overflowing with fruit flavors and dense aromas of black currant, resin, and forest honey with a beautiful long-lasting muskatel in the reverberation.

Preparation: We recommend preparing the tea in 1,5 dcl of water. Put 3 g of tea into a warmed teapot and pour the boiled water, cooled down to 85°C. Let it steep for 1 – 1,5 minutes, then pour into a cup. You can repeat the process many times until the tea has a good taste. With further infusions, we slightly increase water temperature and time of steeping.


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Form: Whole leaf
Area: Taiwan - Nantou County
Year: 2021
Designation: Chin Xin
Country of origin: Taiwan

Black Tea