Assam Latumoni Tippy Signature Black

country of origin India - Assam

Loose tea
11,30 € / 50g

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Long, unbroken, longitudinally rolled, fully oxidized leaves of dark brown color with a higher content of silvery tips and a cooling woody aroma. Brownish-red infusion of a full, round, sweet fruity flavor with a strong component of pickled, slightly fermented stone fruits and a sweet, tannic aftertaste.
Preparation: Allow 3 teaspoons of tea for 0,5 l of boiled water, steep for 2  - 3 minutes.

Latumoni is a small, family-run estate located in Tingkhong in Upper Assam. The small plantation measures approximately 2 acres and specializes in organically grown and hand-processed teas. The article on Blog.

Latumoni Tea Garden

Form: Whole leaf
Area: India-Assam
Estate: Latumoni
Harvest: 1st Flush
Year: 2022
Značka: Natural - grown
Country of origin: India - Assam