Assam Latumoni Tippy Signature Black

country of origin India - Assam

Loose tea
10,83 € / 50g

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Assam Latumoni

Long, unbroken, longitudinally rolled, fully oxidized leaves of dark brown color with a higher content of silvery tips and a cooling woody aroma. Brownish-red infusion of a full, round, sweet fruity flavor with a strong component of pickled, slightly fermented stone fruits and a sweet, tannic aftertaste.

How to prepare Assam Latumoni

Use 5 grams of tea leaves for 0.5 litre of boiling water cooled to 85-90 °C, steep for 2–3 minutes. Feel free to experiment with steeping time, water temperature, and the amount of tea leaves. You can also read our articles on tea preparation and water quality. These tea leaves are also suitable for Asian-style preparation, which includes multiple infusions: you steep 5 grams of tea leaves per 150 ml of water that has boiled and cooled to 85–90 °C for 30 seconds and in the following three infusions, you steep the leaves for 40, 60, and 90 seconds, respectively.

Latumoni is a small, family-run estate located in Tingkhong in Upper Assam. The small plantation measures approximately 2 acres and specializes in organically grown and hand-processed teas. The article on Blog.

Latumoni Tea Garden

Form: Whole Leaf Black Tea
Area: India-Assam
Estate: Latumoni
Harvest: Summer Season
Year: 2022
Značka: Natural - grown
Country of origin: India - Assam