2018 Yiwu Mojo Gu Cha

country of origin China

Cake 100 g

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Green (raw) puerh tea from ancient trees
Picking: Spring 2018
Region: Yiwu, Xishuangbanna Yunnan, China
Trees: gushu古树, ancient trees, 700+
Tightly pressed into 100g cakes, consitis of long metallic silver grey – green tips with very delicate sweet woody aroma. Light golden ina  cup with a soft slightly peppery mineral flavout with tones of pine resin, hint of camphor and macadam nuts. Te ais suitable for long term archivation.

Brewing recommendations: 4–5 g of tea per 100 ml of boiling water, steep for 20, 15, 10… seconds. This tea is ideally prepared in a miniature teapot, shiboridashi or zhong and cup(s) of the same volume so that the entire content could be strained at once.


This tea was grown in Yiwu, east to Mekong. It was harvested from trees that are hundreds of years old (Gushu). Despite its simple taste one can feel the character of the ancient trees. The leaves were completely manually processed in a famous workshop.

Area: China
Harvest: Sheng Puerh
Year: 2018
Country of origin: China