2017 Wuliang Nancai Spring

country of origin China

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Beautiful energetic sheng puerh from ancient, several hundred years old trees growing naturally in a beautiful clean environment on the slopes of the Wuliang Mountains, around the small village of Nancai in central Yunnan. The tea was picked and pressed in the spring of 2017. Lighter pressed 200g cake consists of a long, slightly twisted leaves of metallic gray-green color and a cool, slightly spicy aroma with strong tones of white pepper. Light golden infusion of balanced, full, oily, intense, sharp flavours with a predominance of green pepper, delicate salinity and a hint of fresh basil. Rich tea full of raw, wild energy, with great potential for high quality maturation.

Brewing recommendations: 4–5 g of tea per 100 ml of boiling water, steep for 20, 15, 10… seconds. This tea is ideally prepared in a miniature teapot, shiboridashi or zhong and cup(s) of the same volume so that the entire content could be strained at once.

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Area: China
Harvest: Sheng Puerh
Year: 2017
Country of origin: China