Premium Osmanthus Oolong / Gui Hua

country of origin Taiwan

Alu pack vacuum-packed

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Very moderately oxidized Taiwanese oolong from Jin Xuan cultivar, scented with fresh osmanthus blossoms. Leaves are shaped into evenly rolled balls and mixed with tiny osmanthus flowers. Light goldish in a cup with a sweet flowery and citrus aroma, pleasant creamy flavour with tones of exotic flowers and ripened mandarines. Tea was grown by Mr. Chen in Mei Shan region, Jai Yi county in 600 – 800 m altitude. It was hand-picked and processed in October 2019.

Preparation: we recommend to prepare the tea in 1,5 dcl of water. Put 3 g of tea into a warmed teapot and pour the boiled water, cooled down to 85°C . Let is steep for 1 – 1,5 minute, then pour into a cup. You can repeat the process many times, untill the tea has a good taste. With firther infusions, we slightly increase water temperature and time of steeping.

Gui Hua Oolong
Gui Hua is the Chinese name for the Osmanthus flower. There are two main varieties of Osmanthus bush/ tree. One is white and has a scent similar to lilac and the other is orange and has an apricot like scent. This is the variety that is commonly used in tea making, including this one. Osmanthus produces very fragrant flowers. Most speciese are native of China. About 22 cities in China select Osmanthus as their city flower. In China, its flowers are infused with green or black tea leaves, to create a scented tea called guì huā chá. In Chinese cuisine, the flowers are also used to produce osmanthus-scented jam, sweet cakes , dumplings, soups, and even liquor.

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Area: Taiwan - Jai Yi County
Year: 2019
Country of origin: Taiwan