Jin Xuan Charcoal Oolong, Light Baked

country of origin Taiwan

Alu pack vacuum-packed

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Very lightly oxidized Taiwanese oolong from a Jin Xuan cultivar (TTES12, Golden Daylily), shaped into evenly rolled balls. Tea was later baked on wood coal. Light golden-green in a cup, with a pleasant sweet fruity or even honey-like aroma. Velvety soft flavour combining flowery tones of lightly oxidized oolongs, velvet softness of Jin Xuan cultivar and sweet caramel to slightly pepper tones coming from the later baking.

Preparation: we recommend to prepare the tea in 1,5 dcl of water. Put 3 g of tea into a warmed teapot and pour the boiled water, cooled down to 85°C . Let it steep for 1 – 1,5 minute, then pour into a cup. You can repeat the process many times, untill the tea has a good taste. With firther infusions, we slightly increase water temperature and time of steeping.

Jin Xuan (Golden Daylilly, Hemerocallis) is named after a specific tea tree strain developed in early 80´s by the Tea Research and Extension Station of Taiwan (TRES), a national institute for development of tea industry in Taiwan. The institute uses a numerical line for its new cultivars. Jin Xuan has number 12, sometimes also TRES #12  or T-12.  It has earned a marking „milk oolong“ for its velvety, creamy flavor. This milky flavor is very often strengthened by chemicals, but not in this case.

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Area: Taiwan - Nantou County
Year: 2020
Country of origin: Taiwan