2020 Long Feng Xia Chin Xin Oolong

country of origin Taiwan

Alu pack vacuum-packed

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Lightly oxidized high-mountain oolong from a famous Long Feng Xia valley in Shan Lin Xi mountain range. Nowadays i tis already a tradition to process the leaves into middle sized quite bigg balls that open while being infused. Headily sweet aroma of dry leaves with a bit heavier creamy tomes of exotic fruits and rose petals. Light green in a cup with very delicate sweet creamy ven velvet flavour with pleasant „vegetal“ tones, a hint of vanilla and durian.
Local name: 龍鳳峽烏龍茶
Picking: early May 2020
Cultivar: Chin Xin Oolong
Origin: Long Feng Xia, Nantou county, Taiwan
Altitude: 1800 m
Oxidation level: 15-20%
Farmer: Mr. Chen

Preparation:we recommend to prepare the tea in 1,5 dcl of water. Put 3 g of tea into a warmed teapot and pour the boiled water, cooled down to 85°C . Let is steep for 1 – 1,5 minute, then pour into a cup. You can repeat the process many times, untill the tea has a good taste. With firther infusions, we slightly increase water temperature and time of steeping.


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Area: Taiwan - Nantou County
Year: 2020
Country of origin: Taiwan