Japan Kawanabe Black Tea Bio

country of origin Japan

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Organic black tea from Japan
Japanese black tea from Kawanabe region in Kagoshima prefecture, south of Kyushu Island. The tea processing brings result in a not specially eye-catching dry leaf appearance, the colourful flavor, on the contrary, surprises. Tea with a higher level of oxidization (although not fully oxidized) with a sweet, cane-like aroma with deeper flowery tones. 
Brown-red in a cup, full velvet rich flavor with pleasantly malty body. Distinctive sweet aroma with heavier tones of wild roses and orchids.

Recommended preparation: put 3 tea spoons of tea leaves into a heated teapot (300 ml), pour 90°C water, steep 1 - 2 minutes.


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Area: Japan - Kagoshima
Country of origin: Japan