2022 Nokcha Gamnong

country of origin South Korea

Loose tea
21,64 €
19,47 € / 50g

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In Korean, Nokcha means green tea, and Gamnong means „Sweet Harvest“. It is a hand-picked spring harvest that took place right before and after the Goku feast (grain-rain, around 20th April), which is a time between the Ujeon (“before rain”) first flush and the Sejak (“thin sparrow tongue”) second flush. It was processed by the wet method, where the oxidation of the enzymes is interrupted by hot steam.
Dry, regularly rolled tiny dark green tips with the juicy smell of citrus tones. Light green infusion with creamy to oily taste with fine fruity sweetness and the tones of basil, citruses, and meadow flowers. 
Preparation: Allow 1 teaspoon (4 g) of tea for 200 ml of boiled water, cool down to 65 - 70°C, and steep for 1 minute. You can prepare several infusions in a similar way, gradually increasing the temperature.

Nokcha Gamnong comes from Jangsung Tea Plantation at an altitude of about 200 m. The garden was founded in 1965 and today is planted with tea shrubs up to fifty years old. The garden is run in the regime of certified organic farming. Its location in the northernmost part of the province of South Jeolla (Jeolla-namdo) together with the altitude provides the tea shrubs with a very cold and humid climate, ideal conditions for their cultivation.


Form: Whole leaf Green Tea
Area: South Korea
Estate: Jangsung
Harvest: Spring Season
Year: 2022
Country of origin: South Korea