Czech and foreign original tea pottery, mostly wood-fired, wooden tea untensils or tea textile. The world we are still discovering and we try to support, like by publishing articles about authentic craft. That it has not dissappeared from this world yet.


Petr Sklenička - tea pottery CZ

We are happy to introduce young Czech tallent! "It all started during a holiday trip to Southern Bohemia where I first visited a potter’s workshop – it belonged to Martin Hadrava and his huge Kassel kiln impressed me at the first sight. When I came back home, I enrolled in a pottery course at the local primary school where I learned the basics and I went on to study the information I needed on the internet. I like experimenting with different kinds of glazing – I make my own mixtures from ashes and other ceramic materials. I enjoy discovering natural materials – a bowl made from clay I had dug with my own hands, with ash glazing and singed with fire has its special charm."