Japan Yakushima Black Tea Bio

country of origin Japan

Loose tea
9,36 € / 50g

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Organic black tea from Japan
Japanese black tea from Yakushima island located in East China Sea, to the south from Kyushu island.Tropical climate, mighty Pacific Ocean, breathtaking and sparkling pure nature…, that all gives the teas from this island totally exceptional and unique character.
Dry leaf with a higher level of oxidization (although not fully oxidized), nicely rolled, with pleasant slightly baked tones in aroma recalling mountain oolongs. Golden-brown in a cup with full creamy flavor, with slightly baked or even exotic spicy tones with a hint of fresh peaches.

Recommended preparation: put 3 tea spoons of tea leaves into a heated teapot (300 ml), pour 90°C water, steep 1 - 2 minutes.


Form: Whole Leaf Black Tea
Area: Japan
Country of origin: Japan