Bhutan Samcholing Premium Black

country of origin Bhutan

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Black tea from the village of Samcholing in the central highlands of Bhutan from China type bushes grown at an altitude of 1800 m since the 1950s. Dark brown, fully oxidized, regularly rolled leaves with a pleasant, sweetly fruity, slightly spicy aroma. Golden, red-orange infusion, fresh and rich fruit flavors with a predominance of orange, peach, rosehip, a trace of cinnamon and a light and interesting astringency in the aftertaste.

Processing of Samcholing Premium Black Tea

A bud and two leaves are harvested from the tea bushes. The fresh leaves wither overnight in a ventilated area. The withered leaves are then hand sorted, shaken, rolled, oxidized and dried to 20% residual moisture. This is followed by 48 hours of gradual oxidation, finishing with a final drying to light baking.

Recommended preparation of Samcholing tea

Use 5 g of tea leaves per 0.5 l of water boiled and cooled to 85-90ᵒC, steep for 3-5 minutes. Feel free to experiment with the steeping time, water temperature and the amount of tea leaves used. You can also read our articles on tea preparation and water quality. This tea can also be prepared the Asian way with multiple infusions: 5 g of tea leaves per 150 ml of water boiled and cooled to 85-90ᵒC, steep for 30 seconds. In other infusions 40, 60 and 90 seconds.

Form: Whole Leaf Black Tea
Area: Bhutan
Estate: Samcholing
Harvest: Spring Season
Year: 2023
Designation: Premium Black
Country of origin: Bhutan