Tea Tray With Furrows 27 Larch VH

country of origin Czech Republic


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32.7 cm x 12.5 cm x 3.2 cm
larch tree wood

Apart from such trees as yew and juniper, larch has a special place among the local conifers. It is much firmer and tougher than wood of other coniferous trees. It is greatly weatherproof. It is beautifully coloured, with contrasts − its sapwood is light and heartwood bright orange. It has distinctive annual rings. Earlywood (lighter parts of the annual rings) are usually thick and quite soft. On the contrary, summerwood is thinner, dark and very firm and hard. This alternating of soft and hard parts are sometimes quite a complication. On the other hand, when you get used to it, working with larch becomes pleasant.

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Year: 2021
Country of origin: Czech Republic