Japanese Iron Kettle Arare

country of origin Japan


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ø 12.5 cm x height 9 cm, 630 ml, two lids, wooden box – carefully with the bottom, i tis not really firm
Hyogo, Japan
before usage kindly clean with hot water (no detergent!)

History of Nambu Tekki
Nambu Tekki (Nambu Iron Crafts, Nambu cast iron teapots) is one of the oldest art forms in Japan. The nambu region (modern day Iwate prefecture) is located in the northeast region of Japan. This region is considered the birthplace of Nambu Tekki (Nambu cast ironware, cast iron teapots) and is still considered the center of Japanese blacksmith art. Everything from traditional samurai swords and temple bells to cast iron teapots and cast iron kettles used in ancient tea ceremonies were crafted by hand using techniques dating back sometimes 900 years. Though weapons and armor are still crafted in limited numbers, Nambu Tekki artists have since shifted its focus on cast iron teapots, cast iron kettles, and everyday items.

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Country of origin: Japan