Dashu - Scent from Taiwan

country of origin Taiwan


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Original incense sticks from a family manufacture
Summer breeze. A delicate, calm, elegant scent of agarwood that gently imbues the space, invoking cosy, meditative atmosphere. Suitable for evenings and to accompany the drinking of calm teas, such as archive ones that you want to relish deeply.
Main ingredient: Indian agarwood
大暑 Dashu

Fragrant woods and tradition
Pure, quality incenses give fine and delicate aroma that imbue space, inducing calm, meditative, refreshing or festive atmosphere. In Asia, it has a long tradition; it is an art and a treat – like tea drinking, which it often accompanies, beautifully complementing each other.
Fragrant wood, the main ingredients of our incense sticks, comes from different places in Asia. It is always purely natural and naturally growing. The origin is important both for the aroma and a positive influence on the body.
Like in the world of tea, the Taiwan Island combines the depth of ancient Chinese culture with Japanese precision and purity. Our incense sticks are masterfully processes in a small family manufacture, where the art of ingredient selection, mixing and processing has been inherited for three generations.

Agarwood, chenxiang, eagle wood, aquila wood or oud (in perfume making)
The most precious and probably the oldest fragrant essence, it is used for the manufacturing of incense sticks, perfumes and in traditional Chinese medicine. It is produced by Aquilaria malaccensis, a tropical tree that produces aromatic resin when wounded or attacked by pests or mould. Agarwood used in our incense sticks is wild – it grows in woods, it is not planted and artificially processed. Generally, it calms down, refreshes and induces meditative atmosphere. According to traditional Chinese medicine it regulates the flow of qi. It does not disturb tea drinking – quite the opposite, it is a great complement, both its aroma and effect. In Asia, it is frequently used during tea ceremonies, gatherings and in tea shops.

Trees infected by the Phaeoacremonium parasitica mould are sought as the source of the precious fragrant wood, sometimes they are infected by the mycelium of this fungus. The tree responds to the mycelium growing through its wood by emitting aromatic resin. The attacked wood is dark and heavy, while healthy parts are light and have lower density.


Country of origin: Taiwan