The Korean Way of Tea

country of origin South Korea


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The Korean Way of Tea / An Introductory Guide, English , 123 pages

Brother Anthony of Taize and Hong Kyeong-hee

"I am sitting in a traditional Korean house with windows and doors open to the morning sun. The taste of the first cup, into which hot water deep under the boiling point is poured, is so intense, so unexpectedly rich and varied, so indescribably tender that my only question from then on is: "When will I be able to taste this tea again?"

Tea drinking is now a global pastime and a nice variety of teas are much sought after worldwide. In this meditative volume book, Brother Anthony and Hong Kyeong-hee share their understanding, appreciation and ways of serving Korean tea. They show the cultural practice and art form, which at its core embrace universal principles of peace, refinement, and simplicity. The Korean Way of Tea is a rich text accompanied with full-colour photographs of the beauty of Korea, its architecture, nature and people. This introductory guide is a welcome addition for anyone interested in tea and its extraordinary contribution to the Korean cultural tradition.

Brother Anthony (his Korean name is An Sonjae) was born in 1942 in England. He has published twenty volumes of English translations of modern Korean literature.

Hong Kyeong-hee was born in North Jeolla Province in 1957. He now teaches the Hyodang tradition of the Way of Tea in the Panyaro Institute for the Way of Tea.

Country of origin: South Korea