When we drink tea from beautiful cups and teapots, an aesthetic experience is added to the exceptional taste. The easiest way to heat and cool water is to use a kettle made of glass. There are many types of teapots and cups made of fired clay, porcelain, glass, or cast iron, for all types of tea.


The method of production from adobe earthenware, the so-called I-hsing, is known. Japanese cast iron kettles are excellent, but they are also very expensive. Tea connoisseurs tend to have different teapots for different types of tea. As with good food, the "ware" used here will affect the resulting enjoyment of the tea. Metal kettles are not suitable, they can negatively affect the resulting taste of the tea. During preparation, it is good to let the tea leaves float freely in the teapot, without various filters or sieves. We rinse the kettles only with clean water, without detergents. 

Tea accessories

Pots and cups for Japanese green tea In Japan, green tea (sencha) is prepared in small clay pots, so-called kyusu (side-handled) or shiboridashi (handleless). They are simple and elegant. There is a fine sieve on the inside of the mouthpiece, which allows for the easy preparation of several infusions. Teapots of this type are made from green and red clay according to the original procedures without glaze, but with very fine polishing. Along with the cups, it is now only produced in a few traditional pottery workshops in Japan. Modern tea ceramics offer both these traditional polished teapots and a number of charming glazes often supplemented with small artistic elements. In general, the higher the quality of the tea, the smaller the teapot should be. On the contrary, the smaller the teapot, the better the quality infusion will be created thanks to it. During trips or on busy days, we sometimes welcome the simplification of preparation in the form of tea filters or teapots with an infuser strainer, which we simply remove after the appropriate infuse time. Various spoons for scooping and jars for storing tea also belong to the frequent tools of the tea plant. If we want, we can find an abundance of tea accessories - coolers, warmers, stirrers, etc.