Kyusu Teapot Black Beauty 1 JD

country of origin Czech Republic


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ø 8 cm x height 7.8 cm, volume 165 ml, not glazed inside
Black soil from Džbán highlands. Wood-fired at 1200°C in a strongly reduction atmosphhere, it means in a minimum of oxygen inside kiln, therefor carbon stays mostly in the clay and doesn´t burn out. So the clay gets special qualitites such as visible exceptional colour and tactualy we can feel it similar to slate (fosilized mud under pressure without oxygen). Slate was a popular materiál in ancient and prehistoric times. Some historical sources even say such clay has antiseptic (purifying) qaulities. This is one of very few procedures, when a potter can get such a colour as a result with natural materials without any industrially processed additives such as metal oxides, colouring or chemical materials.

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Year: 2024
Country of origin: Czech Republic