Mid 90s Green Mark Replica

country of origin China

Pack with ziplock

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Nicely matured sheng puerh was stored in a clean and dry warehouse in Taiwan. Thanks to the packaging referring to the famous tea from the fifties and sixties, we named it Green Mark Replica. From the original 357 g, the cake now has 350 g, over time the leaves work and change.
A brown-orange infusion of a warm, soft, spicy, slightly woody taste with a hint of walnuts and a pleasant tightness in the mouth, which gradually disappears during a long aftertaste. Very energetic tea with the potential for further maturation, yet suitable for immediate drinking. Great balance of price and quality for such noble mature tea.
Brewing recommendations: 4–5 g of tea per 100 ml of boiling water, steep for 20, 15, 10… seconds. This tea is ideally prepared in a miniature teapot, shiboridashi or zhong and cups of the same volume so that the entire content can be strained at once.

For older teas, it is not easy to determine the exact origin and year of production, it is usually a mixture of leaves. The original Green Mark or Green Label is a tea produced from the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties, most often in the Menghai Tea Factory in the era called Yin Ji Cha.

Harvest: Sheng Puerh
Year: 1994
Country of origin: China