1997 Aged Oolong

country of origin Taiwan

Alu pack vacuum-packed

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Nicely aged oolong from 1997 stored all the time in Taiwan. The tea comes from our supplier, Mr. Chang, who grows teas exclusively in Natural Farming mode. However, this tea comes from the last season when he still grew teas in a conventional way. It is a cultivar of Si Ji Chun - Four Season Oolong grown in the Ming Jian area, in the Nantou region at an altitude of 350-400 m. Regularly rolled leaves of a gray-green color and a strong spicy aroma with a trace of ginseng. A golden infusion of a pleasantly sweet, creamy taste with intense fruity notes of dried apricots, orange peel, sugar cane, and a trace of cinnamon and cloves.

Preparation: Gong Fu style is fitting this tea very well. Put approx. 5 g of tea into a small teapot (150 ml) and infuse it with water that was just boiled. Steep for 30 seconds only, each time. You can make a lot of of infusions.


Form: Rolled Whole Leaf Oolong
Area: Taiwan
Year: 1997
Country of origin: Taiwan