Jasmine Dragon Pearls Bio

country of origin China

Loose tea
10,05 € / 50g

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Spring harvest of green tea from the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. Early in the spring, at the beginning of March, hand-harvested top hairy leaves rolled into small regular balls, these are the famous "Dragon Pearls". Pearls were then scented with fresh jasmine flowers. One kilogram of green tea requires about 1.5 kilograms of fresh jasmine flowers. Both tea and jasmine come from certified organic farming. Regular, silver-green balls with a delicate sweet exotic aroma of jasmine. Clear, golden green infusion of delicate, sweetly herbal taste and intense sweet scent of jasmine.

Preparation of Dragon Pearls

12 dragon pearls (3 g) per 2 dcl of water cooled to 80 °C, infuse for 2 minutes, the tea is suitable for more infusions.


Form: Whole leaf Green Tea
Area: China
Country of origin: China