Bio Ice Green Tea

country of origin Japan

Tea bags 16 x 3 g

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While you can macerate various teas in the fridge for many hours, only a first-class and finely-cut tea will brew in cold water within five minutes. The KABUSÉ Ice Tea pyramid bags bring top-quality Japanese green tea from the Kagoshima area, in BIO quality. The three-dimensional tetrahedron shape of the teabag and big pores allow the development of aroma and taste.
Shading of original tea plants has a long tradition. In the Kagoshima region in southern Japan (with the still active Sakurajima volcano), tea plants in the most suitable estates are covered with special nets (kabusé). Shading only lets 50 % of sunlight through. Growing in half shade closely resembles the conditions of wild tea plants. Shaded tea develops more active substances and distinctive highly aromatic scents.

Preparation: "HOT" - pour boiled water cooled down to 70°C over the tea bag and steep for about 50 seconds. Several infusions can be prepared in this way. "COLD" - pour cold water over the tea bag and steep for about 5 minutes.

Homemade KABUSÉ COLD ice tea
You can make a homemade ice tea in a glass of filtered water, and you can even immerse a pyramid bag in a bottle of cold water while on a trip or picnic. Fresh spring water can be especially good. Thus, you can always take green tea with you and prepare excellent refreshment in no time. Infuse a three-gram bag of tea in half a litre of cold water for five minutes.

First-class KABUSÉ HOT green tea
Green tea cools an organism down very well also when prepared in a traditional way, hot. Bring water to boil and let cool down to about 70°C. As the tea is packed in practical infusion bags, you do not have to use the traditional tea pot and cups, just a higher porcelain cup or a glass will do. The KABUSÉ tea is brewed only for one minute in hot water and you can make up to three infusions.

Japanese KABUSÉ FRUIT lemonade
You can also prepare original Japanese lemonade from homemade ice tea. Let the pyramid bag infuse for five minutes in half a litre of cold water. Meanwhile, immerse the edges of two high glasses in freshly squeezed lemon juice and then in sugar to form a crust on the edges. Fill the glasses with ice cubes and then pour the KABUSÉ tea and then drops of lemon juice. You can also experiment with other citruses – grapefruit or orange.

Form: Green Tea in Teabags
Area: Japan
Designation: CZ - BIO - 002
Značka: BIO
Country of origin: Japan