Tea Tray Juglans Nigra 9 VH

country of origin Czech Republic


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40 x 12.5 x 1 cm
The tray is carefully surface-treated with high-quality hard wax oil (a mixture of vegetable oils and waxes) suitable for contact with food.

Walnut has beautiful, colored wood. It smells sour during processing. I especially like its cooler shades - gray-brown. It is one of my favorite woods for carving. It is cut cleanly and the strokes can be easily guided perpendicular to the fibers. The cut is shiny and seems to be "a little greasy". The walnut also bends well in steam. I use it to make parts of musical instruments.
The extraordinary dark wood of Black Walnut is much lighter and more intensely brown in color than our Walnut. Its fruits are hard and the shells of these nuts are used in jewelry. Black walnut comes from the eastern part of the USA, from where it was imported to Europe in the 17th century and sometimes grown in castle gardens. It was first planted in Moravia in 1803 in Lednice, in Bohemia in 1835 in the Prague Royal Park. In recent years, it has been commonly planted in parks as an ornamental tree. (Wikipedia)

Year: 2020
Country of origin: Czech Republic