Nepal Arya Tara Wonder Tea Autumnal 2019 AT 96

country of origin Nepal

Loose tea
5,37 € / 50g

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Black tea from Nepal
Autumnal Flush from Arya Tara Tea Estate located at altitude 1500 m in Illam, East Nepal. Wonderfully processed unbroken and slightly oxidized leaves with an exotic aroma of fruits and pine resin. Light olive - green nearly golden in a cup with a delicate slightly astringent sweet flowery flavour with tones of citruses (clementine), paste honey and pine wood.

Preparation: 3 teaspoons of tea per 0,5 l of boiled water (cooled down to 85°C), steep for 2 - 3 minutes.

Arya Tara is a small plantation situated at roughly 1,500 metres in altitude, at Shree Antu in Ilam district, near the Indian border and the tea gardens of Darjeeling. Formerly known under the name "Sidrabong" until 1885, the plantation was renamed "Arya" by a group of Buddhist monks. Arya means „precious“ in sanskrit.

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Form: Whole leaf
Area: Nepal - Illam
Harvest: 3rd Flush
Year: 2019
Lot: AT 96/ 2019
Country of origin: Nepal

Black Tea