Teapot Rusty 02 ZG

country of origin Taiwan


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Stoneware wood-fired in anagama kiln at 1300°C.
ø 7.2 cm x height 8.5 cm, 190 ml, unglazed

Zhang Gu Zhi was born in 1979 in Kaohsiung, in the south of the island, where he also lives and works. His artistic story begins in 1995, when he was inspired by ceramicist Zheng-Zhi Lin. Since 1998, he has been studying and working at the famous Taozhixiang Ceramic Art Creation Studio) in Miaoli under the guidance of a prominent artist Mr. Ye Guoting. In 2002, he learned the technique of wood-firing from Mr. Shui-Zhuen Zheng. Since 2004 to the present, he has participated in many exhibitions and ceramic competitions, such as the prestigious Taiwan Golden Pot Prize.

Year: 2020
Country of origin: Taiwan