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Magazine about tea and tea culture, 9th issue

This issue of the magazine is very special for us because it includes an article by Daniel Klásek. The text was created almost a year and reflected the development and style of Czech potters, many of them we know personally, and with some of them we cooperate.

Word by the publisher:
In this issue, we delve into the world of the rarest and most unfamiliar of Chinese teas — yellow tea. We explore its history, characteristics, and the regions it has grown in.

Craig Mod, a writer and photographer who walks across Japan from the largest megacity in the world to desolate small towns and pristine wilderness, shares his experiences of this journey and how it helped him regain his attention and reconnect with the world around him.

‘Fermentation’ and ‘oxidation’ are some of the most common terms thrown around by tea experts and enthusiasts. We investigate these terms, debunk myths, and clarify their significance in the tea-making process.

We meet potters who have dedicated decades to perfecting their craft and creating ceramics of international fame. We explore their techniques, inspiration, and the cultural significance of pottery in the Czech Republic.

Despite the population drain from the countryside to big cities in Japan, young generations are setting up new micro-businesses in unlikely places and thus bringing forgotten areas back to life. We explore the town of Onomichi with the help of a passionate tea farmer.

We interview Morel Doucet, an artist who shares his views on his Haitian identity and how it influences his work, the significance of tea to his ancestors, and how he thinks art should be perceived.

We attend a traditional Japanese senchadō ceremony, discuss the post-pandemic issues of the Asian diaspora in NYC and their impact on the community, and talk with a strong-willed teahouse owner in Washington DC, who shares her journey and the challenges she faced in a competitive market.


Our thanks go to all the talented contributors who helped us put this issue together:

Bruno Algarve. Keith Kwok, Konrad Pociask, Daniel Klásek, Silvan Borer, Gwen Chesnais, Zhong Yuemin, Cat Kerr, Marta Grespan, Wakabayashi Mitsuru, Emma Chamberlain, Anna Poian

Specials thanks go to:

Karen Charles, Catherine Yung, Craig Mod, Morel Doucet, David Veal, Takahashi Genki, Ching Ching Wong



Year: 2023