eighty°- the culture of tea 8


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Magazine about tea and tea culture
8th issue, 144 pages (English), Martin Boháčik
In this issue, we deep dive into the tea culture for the tea itself can’t be understood just factually, it needs to be experienced, emotionally.

We will hear various stories of people whose lives have been affected by this drink in all possible manners: by fuelling their creative processes and seeking duende; honoring and remembering their loved ones, and embracing the unknown of foreign cultures.

We will converse with a man who found his solace in trees and for whom the art of bonsai became his life’s work.

We will explore ceramics, what they are and how they can shape communities. We will talk about the pursuit of one’s ambitions in Myanmar, discuss the potential of Indian teas and their place in the world, and go on a hike looking for a treasure on the Mountain of the Moon.

We will chat about designing tea spaces in Japan, taste yak butter tea in the Himalayas, and have a tea session to learn about the complexities of the pu’er subculture.

And finally, dear readers, we will have a look at your own sacred tea spaces


Year: 2022