Ceylon 1978

country of origin Sri Lanka

Pack with ziplock

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It is a classic black tea bearing the marking BRO:ORG:PEK now spelled BOP, a small broken leaf consisting of a bud and two leaves. The tea was kept sealed in wooden boxes with no air access at all times. The boxes were not opened until January 2024. The tea is in incredibly good condition, retaining its original fruity and citrus aroma with clean slightly woody tannins. It must have been a very high quality, full bodied and aromatic tea at the time. Archiving has added many layers to the flavour. It has lovely mostly deeper sweet balsamic notes, sweetness of dried dates, a trace of incense, sandalwood and agarwood.

Preparation of Ceylon 1978

Use 5 grams of tea leaves for 0.5 litre of boiling water and steep for 2–3 minutes. Feel free to experiment with steeping time, water temperature, and the amount of tea leaves. You can also read our articles on tea preparation and water quality.

Archive Ceylon Tea

Approximately 46 years old Ceylon tea was archived in excellent dry conditions in its original packaging (200g paper boxes packed in 5pcs in wooden boxes - see photo) in the British Isles. The tea was shipped to London from Sri Lanka on 24.11.1978 via the Sri Lankan company Whittalls Estates & Agencies limited of Colombo. It is therefore probably a summer picking from 1978.

Form: Whole Leaf Black Tea
Area: Srí Lanka
Year: 1978
Designation: BOP
Country of origin: Sri Lanka