Kabusé No 1 - BIO tea bags

country of origin Japan

Tea bags 16 x 3 g

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Green tea from Kagoshima, south Japan
This is the best tea of the First Flush from the turn of April and May. Full impressive taste, bright green liquor and refreshing aroma. The three-dimensional tetrahedron shape of the tea bag and big pores allow to develop aroma and taste.

Preparation: pour boiled water cooled down to 70°C over the tea bag and steep for about 50 seconds. Several infusions can be prepared in this way.

Bio teas from Kagoshima
Shading of original tea plants has a long tradition. In the Kagoshima region in southern Japan (with the still active Sakurajima volcano), tea plants in the most suitable estates are covered with special nets (kabuse) Shading only lets 50 % of sunlight through. Growing in halfshade closely resembles the conditions of wild tea plants. Shaded tea develops more active substances and distinctive highly aromatic scent.
Kagoshima has the best conditions for organic growing of high-quality green tea. Ban of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, along with suitable area for tea cultivation and advanced technologies, ensure excellent quality and enjoyment of tea.

Form: Whole leaf Green Tea
Area: Japan
Harvest: Spring Season
Designation: CZ - BIO - 002
Značka: BIO
Country of origin: Japan