Miroslav Zimmermann - tea pottery CZ

An apprentice to the potter's craft, based in Středohoří, with a love and passion for the cause, in all its completeness. I started without a wheel, when my first "pots" were made so called "by hand" and fired in a primitive wood-fired kiln from local clay, from which I also made pottery. This approach has stayed with me, and I'm trying to develop it (now with a wheel and a large wood kiln), because working with the elements is fundamental for me, as is a certain self-sufficiency in the materials used and the history of our craft.


Linked to this is the necessity (read joy) of rediscovering and understanding the traditional processes, techniques and ceramic materials used in the Central Highlands (Středohoří) and beyond. All of this seems to me to be essential in order to achieve at least some understanding of pottery, myself and the world. I would say this about myself, however, my ceramics say the most about me. It speaks for me best and completely, nothing can be hidden in it and it reveals me with all the good and the bad.