Muzha Tie Guan Yin Competition Fine Grade Oolong

country of origin Taiwan

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Iron Goddes of Mercy from Taiwan

Traditionally processed leaf from cultivar Tie Guan Yin that originally comes from a Chinese Anxi region in Fujian province. Taiwanese Muzha district is famous thanks to the excellent teas coming from this cultivar. Its history in this region is not very long, though. Tea was brought by the family Chang in 1919 and since then it was successfully grown and it’s quality and fame already nearly match its relative Tie Guan Yin from Anxi, China.
The dry leaves are ball-shaped, have a very dark iron-like colour and have full intense sweet baked flavour with a strong nutty hint. Brown – green in a cup with full intense sweet baked honey aroma, with velvet soft, creamy very harmonious flavour with distinct tones of pickled fruits, plum butter, sugar cane and walnuts. Tea can stand many infusions, we strongly recommend it for long archiving.
Cultivar - Hong Xin Wai Wei Tao (Tie Guan Yin) / 紅心歪尾桃
Region - Muzha / 木柵

How to prepare Tie Guan Yin

These tea leaves are suitable for Asian-style preparation, which includes multiple infusions: you steep 5 grams of tea leaves per 150 ml of water that has boiled and cooled to 85–90 °C for 30 seconds and in the following three infusions, you steep the leaves for 40, 60, and 90 seconds, respectively. Feel free to experiment with steeping time, water temperature, and the amount of tea leaves. You can also read our articles on tea preparation and water quality.


Form: Rolled Whole Leaf Oolong
Area: Taiwan
Harvest: Spring Season
Year: 2022
Country of origin: Taiwan