Japanese Teanmoku Bowl by Yehei Wakui

country of origin Japan


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ø 13.2 cm x height 7 cm, metal rim, recommended for decorative use only
Tenmoku tea bowl of Shinjyo-Higashiyama ware, which was made by the 5th Yahei Wakui about 30 years ago. The rim is covered with metal. The seal of the potter is stamped on the bottom. The original wooden storage box with the signature of the potter is also included.

Shinjo-Higashiyama yaki 新庄東山焼
Higashiyama is the common name for the hilly area in the eastern part of Shinjo City in Yamagata Prefecture, where the village ground is covered with a thick layer of clay. Wakui Yahei, the founder of Higashiyama-yaki pottery, was a potter from Echigo, who fell in love with the Higashiyama potter’s clay as he traveled around the region as an apprentice, and opened the kiln in 1841 as an official kiln for the Shinjo-Tozawa domain. The raw materials are still collected from the kiln’s premises, and due to the characteristics of well-fired pottery, it is highly valued for its strength.

Country of origin: Japan