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country of origin Czech Republic


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Unglazed stoneware wood-fired in anagama kiln for 40 hours at 1250 ᵒC.
ø 12 cm x height 10 cm, 800 ml

Fired in a Bizen style (Japan) - without glaze, before the end of firing can be sprinkled by ashes to create special effects. Is always wood-fired, with a temperature rising very slowly and monitored all the time. The colour depends on a place in a wood-kiln and a heat which was influencing it. Every piece is an original in itself. Bizen pottery also has an aspect of wabi-sabi - beauty in imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness. This beauty can show itself in a form of various cracks, shape asymmetry, glaze speckles and so on. We always admit it and catch it on the pictures. That is why we point it out also in this note.

Year: 2019
Country of origin: Czech Republic