2012 Manzhuan Huang Shan Bing Cha

country of origin China


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This sheng puerh comes from a jungle around Man Zhuan village in a legendary Yi Wu mountain range, region Meng La, Xi Shuang Banna prefecture. Maocha was mixed from leaves picked from semi-wild 50 - 70 years old trees. Tea was stored on Taiwan.
Lightly pressed big cake consist from excellent long tips of golden-brown colour and thick woody, even earthy aroma. It has quite rippened, harmonical balanced flavour profile with delicate compact sweet nutty flavour, high-grade woody tones and slight pepperness in aftertaste.

Brewing recommendations: 4–5 g of tea per 100 ml of boiling water, steep for 20, 15, 10… seconds. This tea is ideally prepared in a miniature teapot, shiboridashi or zhong and cup(s) of the same volume so that the entire content could be strained at once.

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Area: China - Meng La, Xi Shuang Banna
Year: 2012
Značka: Sheng Puerh
Country of origin: China