Also called semi-oxydized, blue-green or oolongs (from Chinese wu-long, black dragon - the best known, partially oxydized tea). It is traditionally produced in China and Taiwan. Although, one may also encounter rare oolongs from Darjeeling.
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Red Jade White Tea

country of origin  Taiwan

White Tea from Taiwan
Leaf of fragile appearance and a slight, random oxidization without any strong imprint of processing. Leaves were picked and dried on the sun. Tea has slightly herbal and malt-like aroma resembling first flush tea from Himalayan foothills.
Golden in a cup with soft rounded and sweet spicy flavour with light tones of wood, hint of cinamon and mint, so typical for Hong Yu cultivar. I tis a very specific combination of Hong Yu cultivar (Red Jade, TRES – 18), which we know as red/ black tea full of overloading exotic aroma, yet in this tea it appears subtle and modest. Not untill a second gulp we gradually discover a typical character of this cultivar in its full strength and rich nuances.

Preparation: we recommend to prepare the tea in Gong Fu style. Put 5 g of tea into a warmed teapot (150 ml) and pour the boiled water in. Let is steep for 15 – 30 seconds, then pour into a cup. Tea will endure more infusions.


Area: Nantou County

Year: 2017

Country of origin: Taiwan

  • Price: 14,29 €

    Alu pack

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