Jeju Malcha, Korean Matcha

country of origin South Korea

Loose tea
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Our matcha comes from Jeju island situated in the south of Korean peninsula. Typically lively green matcha in powder as well in a cup after infused with water and whisked. Full, thick, sweet, brisk vegetal flavour with a hint of citrus and lemon peel. Very refreshing and energizing tea.

Preparation: put 3 bamboo spoons (chashaku) of tea powder in a pre-heated tea bowl (chawan), pour 2 dcl of 60°C hot water and whisk with a bamboo whisk (chasen). The tea will have emerald-green foam.

Malcha is Korean pronunciation of Chinese symbols 抹茶, integrated into Korean language (so called Hancha or Handja). It means milled or powder tea. I tis known as matcha in Japanese and Muocha in Chinese.
Tradition of milling tea leaves in Korea is very long, simmilarly to a neighbouring Japan. The most high grade leaves are used to produce the powder, that are very gently processed, lightly dried and separated from leaf fibers. Taht product is called tencha, in Korean dencha. Dencha is then milled on stone mills that turn slowly to a very fine, chalk-like powder, that has a wonderful lively green, even emerald appearance. Powder tea is served at ceremonial occasions ina  similar way as in Japan, yet not in so spectacular manner. Sometimes i tis mixed with dried ginseng.

Tip: store matcha in the fridge.

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Form: Powder
Area: South Korea - Jeju Island
Country of origin: South Korea

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