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Green teas are no longer popular only in China, Taiwan and Japan. Green teas have conquered the world and we may choose from numerous types and tastes in tearooms and teashops. Discover the world of green tea.
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Nokcha Sejak 2017 - Hadong Green Tea

country of origin  South Korea

Green tea (nokcha) from Hadong
Nok-cha means green tea. The tea is from the Hadong area, South Korea, which is to the south of the famous Jirisan hills. Sumjin river runs nearby. The tea from semi-wild tea plants is processed manually, only between April 20 to May 5 or 6.
Finely rolled, hand processed dry leaf of bright green colour consists exclusively of hand-picked young shoots that appear on the bushes in spring. It has a sweet, mildly spicy (green pepper) and slightly roast aroma with tones of citrus and melon.
Liquor of bright, light green colour, fresh, spring aroma and full, very balanced, jubilant, creamy taste with a very long, sweet-flowery aftertaste.

Preparation: Allow 1 teaspoon (4 g) of tea for 200 ml of boiled water, cooled down to 65 - 70°C, steep for 1 minute. You can prepare more infusions in a similar way.


Form: Whole leaf

Area: Hadong

Harvest: Sejak - Second Flush

Year: 2017

Country of origin: South Korea

  • Price: 10,82 €

    Alu pack


  • Price: 21,45 €

    Box (2 x 30 g alu sack)

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