Kagoshima Genmaicha - BIO tea bags

country of origin Japan

Tea bags 16 x 3 g

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Traditional speciality made from second flush leaves mixed with roasted rice (genmai) and fresh matcha powder. Dark green liquor with pleasant roasted character. Three-dimensional tetrahedron shape of the tea bag and big pores allow to develop the aroma and taste.

Preparation: pour boiled water cooled down to 70°C over the tea bag and steep for about 50 seconds. Several infusions can be prepared in this way.

Genmaicha gives pleasure for through combination of green tea aroma and roasted rice.
Because green tea of middle grade is used and mixed with roasted rice, it contains less caffeine and you may drink more of this tea, similarly to Houjicha.
By drinking Genmaicha you also consume a substance contained in dark rice called GABA: gamma-aminobutyric acid, which relives stress. (Note: This acid is contained in brown unmilled rice – genmai.)

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Form: Whole leaf
Area: Japan - Kagoshima
Značka: BIO
Country of origin: Japan

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