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Drinking of black teas traditionally prevails in Europe. There is a wide range of teas and tastes. In addition to the most famous harvests from Darjeeling, India, one may discover the richness of teas from Assam, Nepal or the country of spice and tea - Ceylon.
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Nepál Jun Chiyabari BIO Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips, Second Flush 2017

country of origin  Nepal

The second flush from the Nepalese Garden of Jun Chyiabari, Dhankuta Region.

One of the best teas from the small factory at the Jun Chiyabari tea garden is often simply denoted HRHT. Spring or autumn production, the Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips are always excellent. Their character is naturally different, but the tea is always superb. These beautiful, manually processed leaves are unbroken and slightly downy, only moderately oxidised and delicately rolled. The golden orange brew of pleasantly spicy, exceptionally harmonious smooth taste of sweet fruits has a slightly astringent drupe aftertaste with the traces of sweet muscatel.
Preparation: we put 2 tea spoons of leaves into a small teapot (200 - 250 ml) and pour with boiled water that was cooled down to 80°C. Let it steep for 1 minute. With next infusions we use water with gradually higher temperatures.

Form: Whole leaf

Area: Dhankuta

Estate: Jun Chiyabari

Harvest: 2nd Flush

Year: 2017

Lot: J141A-2017

Designation: HRHT

Country of origin: Nepal

  • Price: 11,69 €
    Loose tea 50g - Loose tea
    In weight

  • Price: 2,60 €


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