Tea Jar Quail MR

country of origin Czech Republic


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Technical pottery wood-fired at 1300 ᵒC.
outer ø 9.5 cm x height 9.7 cm (incl. lid), 400 ml, glazed inside

Petr Novák and Mirka Randová founded the Ceramics studio Doupě o.p.s., where they work on their ceramics and teach. Both have participated in many symposiums and ceramics exhibitions, they are also regularly invited to the Tea Bowl Festival in South Korea. They use wood-firing technique and make their glazes by themselves from materials available in the Czech Republic.

is not only our continuing of our ancestors’ traditions, but also trying to produce pottery that carries more than exceptional technology; pottery that speaks the language of our souls, ceramics that reflect our way of life. Each piece is started on the potter’s wheel, then adjusted and modelled. Glazes, which we mix ourselves, are selected and tested with regard to this type of firing. The result of the alchemy of glazes, fire and clay is unique pottery. It is a path of searching and discovering, a path of harmony with nature, a challenge to the symmetry and lifeless factory production. Woodfiring at 1300°C is a culmination of one life-stage of the ceramic product and at the same time a celebration of its following journey...”

Peter about his work:
My tea drinking has a longer history than my clay work, so from the beginning of my ceramic journey I naturally focused on tea pottery which belongs to tea as fresh water or good company. On my journey, I search for boundaries between the natural imperfection of the wabi style and handcraft. A connection between the taste of tea and the material, a combination of discreet aesthetics and functionality. I am assisted by a living fire, the Phoenix, endowing each cup and teapot with a mood and life of their own.

A few words on Mirka´s work:
In the process of creating my pottery, form - shape is always very important to me. Although I equally like to work on the potter’s wheel and modelling, my approach to each of them is very different. I start modelling without any final ideas about the shape and appearance of the final piece. I only stick to the planned work procedure. The shape and appearance only arise in the working process, as a dialogue with clay. When I create my pottery on the potter's wheel, I aim at complex forms - simple and feminine. Every part of the process of producing ceramics is an adventure, although I get most enthusiastic about making glazes from natural materials - so many choices ... I believe that every piece needs a blessing of randomness. I adjust the selection of materials and type of firing to this. In a wood-fired oven, each product confirms its chance to exist, achieving its character, strength and energy from the fire.

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Year: 2018
Country of origin: Czech Republic