Teapot Ray 01 JD

country of origin Czech Republic


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Stoneware wood-fired at 1300°C.
ø 6 cm x height 7.8 cm, 90 ml, glazed inside
Glaze from Czech feldsdpars. The teapot will change its colour while using - the tea will get through the craquelles and gives a wonderfull warm colour, see the pictures. "Pink flakes" effect appears very rarely on the pottery. Jiří: " one tries of course, yet not many pieces come out like that and they are exceptional. This effect one can get by a directed reduction and reoxydation, actually conjuring with an atmosphere during firing - more oxygen, less oxygen at a certain temperature. It is a kind of alchemy and the desired result is a reward for patience and a bit of risking."

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Year: 2019
Country of origin: Czech Republic