2020 Taiwan Green Tea Chin Xin Gan Zhi

country of origin Taiwan


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Green tea from Taiwan
Very lightly rolled and unbroken leaves of rather dark green appearance with a sweet fruity and slightly peppery aroma. Almost transparent light green in a cup with well balanced soft flavour with tones of pecans, green pepper and sweet undertones that gives the idea of a famous Chin Xin cultivar.
Local name: 台灣青心柑仔
Picking: end of March 2020
Cultivar: Chin Xin Gan Zhi
Origin: Ming Jian, Nantou County, Taiwan
Altitude: 350 - 400 m
Farmer: Mr. Chen (Natural Farming)

Preparation: Allow 1 teaspoon (4 g) of tea for 200 ml of boiled water, cooled down to 65 - 70°C, steep for 1 minute. You can prepare several infusions in a similar way, gradually increasing the temperature.


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Form: Whole leaf
Area: Taiwan - Nantou County
Year: 2020
Country of origin: Taiwan

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