Darjeeling First Flush 2022 Upper Fagu EX 08/22

country of origin India - Darjeeling

Loose tea
7,58 € / 50g

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Spring picking from the Upper Fagu Darjeeling Garden, one of the easternmost in the area. The tea comes from the highest positions of the garden around 1300 m and was harvested in mid-April. It has a light, slightly oxidized leaves consisting mainly of top tips with one leaf. Golden-green infusion of a pleasantly sharp full flavor with a beautiful flowery, herbal note and a hint of citrus.
Preparation: 3 teaspoons of tea per 0,7 l of boiled water (cooled down to 85°C), steep for 2 - 3 minutes.

The Upper Fagu tea garden is spread over 103 hectares at an altitude of 500-1300 meters and lies 90 km east of Darjeeling, almost on the border with Bhutan. The garden is mainly planted with shrubs of china variety.

Form: Whole leaf
Area: Indie - Darjeeling
Estate: Upper Fagu
Harvest: 1st Flush
Year: 2022
Lot: EX 08/ 2022
Designation: SFTGFOP1 CH
Značka: Pure China
Country of origin: India - Darjeeling