Wooden Coaster Larch Black OS

country of origin Czech Republic


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pot support 7.6 x 1.9 cm, larch wood, treated with yakisugi technique, natural hard oil-wax finish

Ondřej Sedlák is one of the exceptional people we have met recently. His woodwork and tea accessories are something that takes tea drinking back to its roots − to tranquillity, naturalness and contemplation. Do you think that this is something that doesn’t fit this world anymore? We think the opposite...
Ondřej says about himself:
"I was raised in an artistic family. My great grandfather was a cooper, my grandpa was a sculptor and my father’s creative outlet was painting. Influenced by their creative spirit and work, I also did a piece myself now and then. My artistic journey then veered towards music: I studied guitar and composing.  
Years passed and I started to pick up on their heritage. Using the tools after my grandfather, who also worked with wood, I started my own “wood adventure”. Totally consumed by it, I dedicate almost all my time outside of teaching music to woodwork.  Great inspirations for me are, of course, many years of drinking tea and the magic of tea culture and tea ceremonies. 

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Year: 2019
Country of origin: Czech Republic

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